Welcome to EmblemCon

May 14th-16th, 2021

EmblemCon is a free digital Discord convention based around the Fire Emblem series. Please have a look around each section to find out more about our events and guests!

About Emblemcon

EmblemCon started in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by Mysti to unite the Fire Emblem community through discord. It has now grown to become a large social event.


EmblemCon has been the recipient of many guests - including Voice Actors, streamers and Youtubers.


Please click here to view our EmblemCon 2021 full schedule!

EmblemCon was first idealised by Mysti in April 2020 as a response to Fire Emblem Expo's cancellation due to Covid-19. Since then Mysti and some close friends created a discord server with help from the IdolCon discord moderator team. The EmblemCon team soon expanded with the help of Okke, who is well versed in the Fire Emblem community and event running.

The moderator team then joined forced with several voice actors and members of the community to create a sensational two-day convention in May 2020. This event was so successful, with over 2000 discord participants, that the next major event EmblemCon 2021 was announced shortly after.

The EmblemCon team have also hosted two mini-events for Halloween and Winter, as well as the occasional off season streaming session.

EmblemCon features a selection of digital Artist Alleys, several streamed events and panels, as well as Voice Actor and Community Creator interviews. We have featured guests in the past such as: Greg Chun, Jenny Yokobori, Sarah Blandy, Rena Strober, Sagemaster, Faerghast and Mekkah.

EmblemCon 2021 will be announcing their special guests leading up to the event!

Panels with voice actors, content creators and the Fire Emblem community will be held throughout the event!
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Our moderator team is made up of several seasoned veterans in the Fire Emblem community who have given their time to create this event for you all. Here are our profiles on our main three moderators who do most of the hard work to creating these events. Further profiles on our chat moderators will come soon.

Okke (she/her)
Head Mod

Okke has ran several Fire Emblem projects over the years, as well as having over 5 years experience moderating various Fire Emblem subreddits. She has coordinated several VA appearances in EmblemCon, as well as conducting the VA interviews and streaming sessions. Okke herself also is a creator of many Fire Emblem fanzines and has extensive experience in creating and producing merchandise.

Mysti (she/her)
Head Mod

Mysti is a fanartist and content creator who originally came up with the idea of EmblemCon. Mysti has coordinated the mod teams as well as being the main person behind all social activity over discord and other social media accounts. Mysti singlehandedly started EmblemCon from the grounds up and acquired several highly experienced team members to help create an incredibly successful event.

NightTIDE (he/him)
Design Mod

Night is a graphic designer and writer who had contributed to two zines run by Okke, performing as the graphics mod for one. Most designs used for promoting EmblemCon have been provided by him since the Halloween mini event in 2020. He runs Evernight Studio that creates backgrounds, overlays, and various designs based on many series in gaming, naturally including Fire Emblem~

Streaming Mod

Streaming Mod

BlueScarf James
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Chat Mod

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Sgievers (Steven)
Chat Mod

Chat Mod/Bot Wrangler

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Sylvain (Weston)
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Friday, May 14th

Opening Ceremony – The EmblemCon 2021 Mod Team
8AM-9AM PST, Panel Room 1
The official opening ceremony and kick-off for EmblemCon 2021! Come see what we have in store for you this year!

The Unfair FE Quiz – BlueScarf Games
9AM-10AM PST, Panel Room 2
Want to test your overly specific Fire Emblem knowledge? Or are you just a glutton for punishment? Join BlueScarf Games for the Unfair FE Quiz, a quiz where every question has a twist.

Plegian Tea Party Q&A with Olivia and Henry – Xintic Cosplay & Hellica
10AM-11AM, Panel Room 2
Join Olivia and Henry (FE:Awakening) for some tea and a Q&A

FE Fan Translations – Leif of Leonster Translations
12PM-1PM PST, Panel Room 3
Unfortunately this panel has been cancelled due to technical difficulties.

Talk Session with PheonixMaster1
2PM-3PM PST, Panel Room 1
Meet PM1, the creator responsible for the PheonixMaster1 Youtube Channel, which focuses heavily on Fire Emblem Heroes content. PM1 will be discussing the Fire Emblem Series and answering questions about content creation.

Talk Session with Jenny Yokobori
3PM-4PM PST, Panel Room 3
A talk session with Jenny Yokobori, the VA behind the voices of Eleonora and Elice in FE:Heroes.

Pizza Panel – EmblemCon 2021 Mod Team
4PM-5PM PST, Panel Room 1
Kick back with the EmblemCon 2021 Mod Team!

Q&A with Brandon Winckler
5PM-6PM PST, Panel Room 3
A Q&A hosted by Brandon Winckler, the VA behind the voice of Kempf in FE:Heroes.

FE Content Creation – FED
6PM-7PM PST, Panel Room 2
Join FED as he describes the ins and outs of Fire Emblem content creation--from getting started, to software requirements, to platform, and much more!

Saturday, May 15th

BA RD vs Okke RD Speedrun – BA RD & Okke
1AM-2AM PST, Panel Room 1
Radiant Dawn, but make it speedy.

Infamous FE Maps – digitaldreams
10AM-11AM PST, Panel Room 1
Despise some of the maps in your favorite FE games? You aren’t alone! Join digitaldreams as they discuss and rank the most infamous maps in the FE series.

Talk Session with Rena Strober
11AM-12PM PST, Panel Room 3
A talk session with Rena Strober, the VA behind the voice of Azura in FE:Fates, FE:Warriors, and FE:Heroes.

Q&A with Sarah Blandy
1PM-2PM PST, Panel Room 3
A Q&A session with Sarah Blandy, the VA behind the voices of Kagero and Midori in FE:Fates and Nino and Fae in FE:Heroes.

Anna’s Roundtable Tournament – BrotherMing
2PM-3PM PST, Panel Room 2
Fight for the top spot in the Anna’s Roundtable Tournament, an exciting Fire Emblem themed boardgame!

Drawpile Stream – Sorin
3PM-4PM PST, Panel Room 2
Join Sorin, one of our special guest artists, on their live drawpile stream! Make sure to also visit their table in our Artist Alley!

Evolution of FE Support Systems – lunebow
3:30PM-4PM PST, Panel Room 1
Lunebow will discuss the evolution of FE Support Systems throughout each FE game.

Fire Emblem (?) – Jowser
5PM-6PM PST, Panel Room 3
The Fire Emblem game you’ve never played...

Game Session with Greg Chun
10PM-11PM PST, Panel Room 1
A gaming session with Greg Chun, the VA behind the voices of Ike, Ephraim, and Eldigan in FE:Heroes and Lukas in FE:SOV.

Sunday, May 16th

Meet a Corrin Cosplayer – Pinkfluffykitchicorn
2AM-3AM PST, Panel Room 1
Meet Pinkfluffykitchicorn, a seasoned FE cosplayer, as she wears her Corrin (FE:Fates) cosplay and answers any questions you may have about cosplay while sharing silly convention stories and answering questions In Character as Corrin!

Cut Content in FE Games – digitaldreams
10AM-11AM PST, Panel Room 3
Digitaldreams will discuss content found in the coding for FE games that didn’t quite make the final cut. They will also discuss the evolution of games from the early previews up into the final product, including cut mechanics and cut characters.

The Fates Fight Club – BlueScarf Games
12PM-1PM PST, Panel Room 2
Throw your support behind your favorite FE:Fates characters as they battle for the top spot in a 1 vs 1 fight tournament! Who will come out on top?

Talk Session with Brittany Cox
1:30PM-3PM PST, Panel Room 1
A talk session with Brittany Cox, the VA behind the voices of Ingrid in FE:3H and Lena in FE:Heroes.

Talk Session with Christian La Monte
4PM-5PM PST, Panel Room 1
A talk session with Christian La Monte, the VA behind the voices of Ignatz in FE:3H and Seliph and Roderick in FE:Heroes.

Anna's Roundtable
A fan made unofficial Fire Emblem board game, illustrated by over 100 fan artists. Will also be hosting a panel of the final of their latest tournament.

Highly customisable products, including vinyl cutouts, backpacks, face masks and pillow cases.

Fire Emblem apparel such as varsity jackets, caps, shirts, stickers, pins and even a sword of the creator bottle opener.

Graphics design, overlays, video editing, wallpapers and all sorts of custom graphics to commission.

Made to order custom glass etching, coffee cup decals and vinyl decals.

Selling various official FE merchandise, including cipher cards, posters, buttons, heroes standees, keychains and more.

Custom prop commissions, including cosplay pieces, weapons and other video game props.